co·a·li·tion (noun)

An alliance or union between groups, factions, or parties.

Every winning team is made up of a group of diverse, unique, talented and ambitious individuals who share a common goal in the life of an organization. Here at Mr. Real Estate we do just that! All of our agents are highly qualified individuals who pursue excellence in every aspect of serving you from the very beginning of our professional relationship. This is “New Generation Real Estate” at its finest and we make it our mission to provide you with the most memorable real estate experience ever!

Chanika Baity

How does she do it? Chanika Baity, also known as “Ms. Real Estate”, has proven that she’s driven by a passion for client advocacy. Her greatest asset is her limitless energy. She never stops working for her clients, pursuing every opportunity, and investigating every angle to reach their goals. She also works closely with her professional support team to ensure every home she markets enjoys the highest selling standards and strives to deliver unparalleled results. The ultimate perfectionist, Ms. Real Estate, balances all aspects of life she is a change agent, and a professional with ease. Prior to launching a successful career in real estate, Chanika , a 2009 graduate of Texas Southern University, gained a bevy of knowledge and marketing and sales experience as Vice President of Xcess Security Services, Inc.- one of Houston’s leading alarm security firms. She then began her real estate career in 2011 as a realtor with Mr. Real Estate, Houston’s premiere luxury real estate agency.Her dedication and organization skills coupled with sales insight and enthusiasm has allowed her to firmly establish herself as the agent-of-choice for those seeking to rent or purchase homes in the Houston metropolitan area. ”The success that Chanika has had thus far is truly remarkable. I believe she has a bright future and I am elated to have her as a member of my team”, said Erwin Nicholas, owner and broker of Mr. Real Estate Agency, “The innovative spirit and quality that she brings to her work is immediately apparent. She secures the best results for her clients, regardless of market conditions”, he continued. When asked what distinguishes her from other realtors she said, “Simply put, my determination to make things happen separates me from the competition”. “This is why I’m called Ms. Real Estate”, she added.All clients’ goals are paramount and expectations are exceeded when working with Chanika Baity, “Ms. Real Estate”. 


Welcome to Mr. Real Estate

The Mr. Real Estate phenomenon isn't hard to explain, it's not about sticking a for sale sign in your yard or selling a multi-million dollar property to athletes for name sake, its more than that. Mr. Real Estate is a new generation of real estate service that represents a life style, attitude, and unprecedented service to our clients.