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Just Listed: Historical Heights Bungalow

We just  listed in the Historical Heights neighborhood of Houston, Texas. The Heights is a really beautiful community and one of the most desired neighborhoods to live in because of its historical aesthetic and inviting community culture. Many young professionals desire to live in the Heights because of the neighborhoods inner loop proximity. Currently, the Houston market is on fire with property selling as well as new inventory of projects popping up everyday. With that being said, homebuyers now have the opportunity to capitalize on this unique historical gem and have the opportunity to customize the finishes before completion.

446 Arlington3Dfront

















Description: This is a classic bungalow renovation and addition brings yesteryear’s (1920) charm to meet today’s needs. Featuring a flowing floorplan designed for classic entertaining,and a master suite that provides the luxury you expect, this home will exceed your expectations. Enjoy a rare opportunity to live on a beautiful corner lot in the Historic Heights. With updated plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems, this renovation is expected to be completed in August 2014.

446 Arlington3Dside


Structure Area Synopsis:
AS-Built Living – 1540 Square Feet
Additional Expansion – 1693 Square Feet
Total Living – 3233 Square Feet
Garage – 740 Square Feet
For more information about this property please email us today! or call 832.875.4309

Wake me Up!!!

What is motivation? At 24 years old and a world renown producer/DJ, Avicii’s might come to mind when you see his all new 7,007 square feet home in the exclusive hills of Los Angeles. With a price of $15 million, Avicii’s home features six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, modern stylish kitchen, dining room and a lot of social spaces over looking a beautiful skyline. Not to mention, infinity pool, private theatre and garage for all the sport cars. At this point, to keep describing the 24 year old’s home, doesn’t really do justice. Take a look and get inspired…












Prequalification vs. Preapproval

Have you ever gotten one of those prequalified notifications in the mail saying you qualify for so much money towards a new home? Or perhaps you walk into the bank to make a deposit and the teller says in her most excited voice, “You’ve been prequalified for” *insert tempting amount here*?

You proudly take your prequalification offer letter to your Realtor, and for some reason they want a preapproval. Aren’t they the same?

Here’s the Difference


When you are prequalified your credit report is not pulled. The prequalification amount is based off either information that you provided or information that a company my already have for you. Because your credit report is not pulled information such as your social security number is not required.

Beware: a prequalification can be a bit deceiving. Your prequalified amount and preapproval amount could vary greatly based on your credit report.


When you have a preappoval you can shop for a home with confidence. It’s the most accurate of the two options. With a preapproval it takes into account not only the information that you provide, but also your official credit score.

If you are merely window shopping for a home a prequalification will do the trick, but when you are seriously considering a purchase being preapproved will give you the most accurate account of how much home you can really purchase.

Ayesha Simpson-MRE

Ayesha is a lifestyle architect. She  delights in sharing and exploring the lives of the “the above average”. As a lifestyle blogger and lifestyle coach she  assists people in constructing their ideal life.

Leonardo Sells Malibu for Home $17.35 Million

Ever since July 2012 Titanic star ,Leonardo DiCaprio, has been trying to get rid of his beachfront Malibu home. It was first attempted to rent out in July 2012  for $75,000 a month, and then with an official list, asking $23 Million in November 2012. When that price didn’t get any action they cut the price down again to $18.9 Million. Again that price cut got no bites so the price was cut down to $17.35 Million and has recently sold!

This Malibu house has  seven bedrooms, beautiful greenery, modern gym, two private guest houses, hardwood floors,  gorgeous boardwalk, beach access,  and it is in a prime location inside the body-guarding gates of the celebrity-saturated Malibu Colony neighborhood.

This house is stunning, and the greenery alone is a major selling point in my book! Lets not forget those stunning views! If you are interested in purchasing a piece of prime real-estate such as this, Mr. Real Estate will be able to assist you in the process!

-Alexandria Simone MRE

















Luxurious Kitchens

It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. What do you think these “hearts” say about these amazingly designed kitchens?





These designs can suit  the palate of any satiable craving of a modern, contemporary, or traditional taste. Which kitchen could you image in your dream home?


Ayesha Simpson-MRE

Ayesha is a lifestyle architect. She  delights in sharing and exploring the lives of the “the above average”. As a lifestyle blogger and lifestyle coach she  assists people in constructing their ideal life.